Mine & Engineering Surveying

Arvista’s survey team has significant experience in mine and engineering surveying services, including open pit & underground mining operations, construction projects and land development.

The experience of our surveyors together with our established safety and operational management systems enable us to work safely and efficiently in challenging environments including busy mining & construction sites and extremely remote locations.

Our team includes Grade 1 and 2 WA authorised mine surveyors with a solid understanding of the applicable regulations and codes of practice gained through significant practical experience in appointed mine surveyor roles.

Our surveyors can typically be deployed at short notice and are capable of working as a part of your existing team, or on a fully self-sufficient basis.

Mine surveying services:

  • Establishment of survey control for new or expanding projects
  • Open pit & underground production surveying (short-term & long-term)
  • Statutory appointment of WA Grade 1 & 2 authorised mine surveyors
  • Measurement and reporting of volumes and other quantities
  • Provision of UAV aerial surveying services on a regular basis (eg monthly surveys)
  • Assistance with integration of UAV aerial surveying into your survey processes.

Engineering surveying services:

  • Construction – set-out and checking of structures, services, formwork, foundations, hold-down bolts, etc
  • As-built surveys
  • Earthworks
  • Area & volume calculations
  • Road construction
  • Establishment of survey control and grid set-outs
  • Reporting