Looking for a cost-effective alternative to LiDAR?

Aerial Photogrammetry services

Then consider Arvista’s digital terrain modelling services.

Arvista provide aerial photogrammetry services to a range of industries in Australia utilising unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s). Our team of experienced surveyors and certified UAV Controllers will capture the required aerial data at the site and conduct all necessary data processing to provide you with high resolution terrain models and aerial imagery in formats to suit any CAD or GIS software (including common mining software such as Surpac and Vulcan).

Aerial surveying with UAV’s (‘drones’) provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional airborne LiDAR surveying in many situations, especially where high resolution data is required over relatively small areas (typically up to approx. 20km2).

Once the data has been captured on site, photogrammetric processing is applied, resulting in a very dense 3D point cloud. This point cloud data is then classified, enabling non-ground points (such as those associated with vegetation, buildings, etc) to be removed, thus enabling a true terrain model to be generated.

Sample from a recent survey illustrating the terrain model (left) and corresponding imagery (right):Aerial Photogrammetry services

Our clients typically use our terrain modelling services for applications such as:

  • Provision of detailed, up-to-date topographic models for mining feasibility studies;
  • Hydrological assessments;
  • Cut & fill analysis;
  • Erosion and other environmental monitoring.

The resulting data can be used in any CAD or GIS software package including Google Earth, ensuring that the data is able to be used by everybody in your organisation:

UAV aerial surveying

CAD or GIS software

The Arvista team and its partner companies can also apply the resulting terrain models to a range of services including volumetric measurement and reporting, landform & excavation design, hydrological assessments and more.

Arvista is a leading provider of high resolution UAV aerial surveying services to the mining industry. Our team of surveyors have extensive mine surveying experience and understand the needs and expectations of our clients, who include some of Australia’s largest resources companies.

In addition to UAV aerial surveying, Arvista provide traditional surveying services including:

  • Mine surveying (underground and open pit), including provision of Authorised Grade 1 WA Mine Surveyors
  • General engineering and construction surveying services

To discuss how Arvista can assist with your aerial or mine surveying needs, please contact Evan McKern on (08) 6189 1806 or admin@arvista.com.au.

Posted on 8th October 2015