Arvista mine surveyor involved in the construction of an underground mine portal.

slope assessment of an aerial survey data set for landform monitoring purposes.

Aerial survey of a river bed to enable volumetric measurement of excavated quantities of river sand.

An underground mine surveyor conducting survey work in preparation for the commencement of a new underground mine.

3D model of an open pit mine in Africa (shown in Surpac software).

Aerial survey data of an old open pit being used during the design of an underground mine.

High resolution aerial photograph of a disused open pit.

A permanent survey pillar installed by Arvista. The pillar control network was established prior to commencement of a new underground mine.

Arvista work in partnership with Astron Environmental Services to provide ultra high resolution aerial data for various environmental applications.

Parachute recovery of the Hawkeye UAV

Aerial survey data being used with the clients existing asbuilts of the underground mine to assist with mine planning (shown in Surpac software).

Meeting one of the locals during an aerial survey in Mali, West Africa.

An Arvista surveyor arrives on the job at a minesite in Western Australia

RGB and near infra-red imagery captured during the survey of an island for vegetation health analysis.

A surveyor observes a senseFly eBee UAV flying overhead. The UAV is also able to be monitored at all times from the laptop control station.

Surveying the co-ordinates of a ground control marker on an island in the northwest of Western Australia

Surveying the co-ordinates of a ground control marker in an open pit mine prior to conducting an aerial survey

Arvista surveyors preparing for an aerial survey for an environmental monitoring application. The small senseFly eBee UAV system in use can be used in virtually any location.

Typical digital surface model obtained from an aerial survey of a mine site

Aerial view of a waste rock dump in Western Australia

Arvista’s aerial data is often used by partner company Astron Environmental Services for landform erosion analysis.

The C-Astral Bramor – a long-endurance UAV currently in use by Arvista and partner company Astron.

Survey of a boxcut for a new underground mine. The boxcut was surveyed a number of times during its development to enable volumetric measurement of excavated material.

Setting up a GPS base station at an open pit mine

An Arvista surveyor installs a laser for the development of a decline access for an underground mine.