Arvista off to a flying start in 2016

Mine surveying services

Following on from a busy 2015, Arvista has had a positive start to 2016 with the demand for our UAV aerial surveying services expected to further increase as operations in the resources sector continue to seek improvements in operational efficiencies.

Arvista has now been providing aerial surveying services with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s / drones) for 3 years. During that time, we have delivered over 500 km2 of very high resolution terrain models and aerial imagery to our clients in Australia and internationally.

Arvista’s team of mining professionals have a track record of delivering usable information to our clients in a timely, safe and cost-effective manner; establishing us as the major supplier of UAV aerial surveying services to the mining & quarrying industries in Western Australia.

Some of the projects undertaken so far in 2016 include:

  • UAV aerial surveying of 23 km2 of historic mining areas at Wiluna WA to assist with planning of proposed mining operations;
  • 10 km2 mine site survey with UAV in Cobar NSW to assist the mine environmental team with their project planning;
  • Ongoing aerial and engineering surveying services for a major quarrying operation in Perth WA, including:
    • Monthly UAV aerial surveying of pits and aggregate stocks
    • Provision of engineering & construction surveying services
    • Miscellaneous design & drafting
    • Terrestrial photogrammetry services
    • Ongoing provision of authorised mine surveyors for multiple quarrying operations.
  • Monthly UAV aerial surveying services for a number of mining operations in Western Australia, including:
    • Open pit & stockpile surveys for a major Australian gold mining company in WA’s Pilbara region
    • Stockpile, tailings & open pit surveys for a major base metals mining company in WA’s mid-west
    • Stockpile surveys for various gold mining & quarrying operations in the Kalgoorlie region.
  • Provision of traditional open pit and underground mine surveying

UAV technology has progressed rapidly since Arvista commenced its aerial surveying operations and we don’t expect that to change in 2016. During late 2015 we successfully implemented the new long-endurance C-Astral Bramor (rTK) UAV with our partner Astron Environmental Services, and we will be adding further new UAV systems to the fleet in early 2016 aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of our services while maintaining our high level of reliability and value for money.

In addition to our aerial surveying capability, our experienced team of surveyors (including WA authorised Grade 1 mine surveyors) will continue to provide traditional mining and engineering surveying services to a range of industries.

Take a look at some of our recent work:

Mine surveying services

An example of proposed open pit mine designs, integrated with a high-resolution terrain model of the site provided by Arvista. With software licences for most common mine design software packages, Arvista can assist clients in maximising the value of their aerial survey data.


A terrain model of a recent open pit survey shown in Surpac mining software.

terrain model

An example of a terrain model from a recent survey covering over 20km2. Arvista understand the importance of transforming large data sets into relevant information that is able to be easily used by many people within our clients’ organisations. We regularly provide information suitable for use in professional CAD and GIS packages, as well as other commonly used software such as Google Earth.

Multiple data formats

Multiple data formats can be provided from a single fly-over. Shown here from L to R: high resolution bare earth terrain model (vegetation removed), geo-referenced orthophoto, and contours.

Terrestrial photogrammetry

Terrestrial photogrammetry provides a very fast and cost-effective means of obtaining very high resolution imagery and 3D models of pit walls or other features within a mine. The above example was recently used to assist with the design of a structure that is to be constructed against the rock face.

Tailings storage facilities

Arvista regularly conduct aerial surveys of tailings storage facilities, providing very high resolution 3D models suitable for detailed volumetric measurement and beach angle assessment.

Posted on 11th February 2016