Arvista completes training on new drone

UAV aerial photography services

Arvista has recently completed training on a new UAV type – the BRAMOR rTK – a high-end UAV manufactured by C-Astral Aerospace. Arvista will operate the BRAMOR in partnership with Astron Environmental Services.

The BRAMOR provides us with an improved method of aerial surveying for:

  • Large area surveys (due to a flight endurance of 2+ hours);
  • Surveys where installation of ground control markers is difficult due to poor accessibility (built-in PPK GPS technology significantly reduces ground control requirements); and
  • Environmental survey applications – especially advanced vegetation assessment requiring very high-resolution, multispectral imagery.

Arvista will continue to operate its smaller fixed-wing UAV’s which remain well suited to smaller area surveys, surveys in relatively confined environments (such as within operating areas of mines and quarries) and for projects where quick mobilisation/demobilisation is required.

Arvista, in partnership with Astron Environmental Services has an experienced team of UAV controllers, surveyors, engineers, geospatial professionals and environmental scientists. Our skills enable us to reliably capture and process UAV aerial imagery and apply advanced analysis and interpretation in order to provide our clients with meaningful, usable information for their business.

For further information, contact Evan McKern (08) 6189 1806 or

Posted on 17th November 2015